General provisions

Hereby Privacy Policy (hereinafter - Policy) is official (hereinafter – Administration). To use the Service functionality, the User shall to register, to grant to the Administration Personal data and other data that may be necessary for services granting. When the User grants his personal data to the Service Administration the User shall grant agreement for data transferring to the third parties with purpose of service provision ordered by the User.

Personal data collection, processing, storage and transferring that were granted by users willingly shall be carried out on the next terms and conditions: the Administration shall respect its users and has created this Privacy Policy to show our commitment of User privacy protection. This Privacy Policy describes information we collect, how this information can be used, to whom it can be transferred and about User choice of such using and information disclosure. The Service using shall be considered as hereby Policy terms and conditions acceptance.

To amend hereby Policy please sent proposals and remarks to the following e-mail Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript..

The regulation was developed in strict accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, international legal acts in the branch of collection, processing, protection and usage of personal data, as well as generally accepted rules of processing, storage and transfer of personal data on the Internet, as well as other regulatory documents that govern the procedure of processing, storing and transferring personal data on the Internet.

Terms and definitions

Service is software and hardware tools for computers which providing publication for public information, data viewing that integrated by common earmarking through the technical devices used for computer connection on the Internet.

Administration is the Service representatives, who shall authorized by the Service owner to manage the Service and control the Service functioning in according to the Agreement further other documents that regulate such relations between the Administration and the User.

The User is the person who shall use the Service in the manner that specified by hereby Agreement and by other documents that regulate the relationship between the User and the Service exclusively.

Personal information (personal data, personal information) is the information that the User provides about himself during the registration process or during the Service using.

1. Information and data that are collecting during the Service using

1.1. The Administration may collect Personal information that can identify the User and other information inter alia that shall not identify the User.

1.2. The Administration shall reserve the right to transfer received information from the User to counterparties and further to other Service Users with the services granting purpose within the Service. 

1.3. The Administration shall reserve the right to transfer received information from the User to public authorities on their request according to law and legal regulations of current legislation.

2. Information and data that should be given to use the Service

2.1. To register on the Service you shall fulfill the registration data forms (Name, phone, email) and shall confirm the registration through e-mail address. By registering on the Service the User shall grant his permission to access the Personal information to the Administration.

3. Using technologies to collect information

3.1. The Service shall use various technologies to collect information from User’s device and about User activities on our Service.

3.2. The Administration shall reserve the right to use automated scripts, plugins and other software for collection, processing, storage and transferring personal User data and other User data that were downloaded and transferred by the User during using the Service.

3.3. The Administration shall reserve the right to amend the order of data collection, Personal data and other data processing and data transferring that were obtained from the User during using the Service.

4. Information automatically collected

4.1. The Service automatically collect information from browser or device during using the Service

This information can include IP address, device ID and it’s type, browser type and language, the operating system, access time, your mobile device’s geographic location (geo-location).

4.2. The Administration may collect other information and data that may be necessary for information services granting by the Service. In such cases the User shall receive relevant request for permission to collect additional information and data.

5. Cookies and using of cookies data

5.1. When the User use the Service, cookies data shall be installed on the User device to facilitate access to the Service and to personalize User experience in future. The Service may automatically collect information about User activity on the Service, such as the pages the User visited, the time and date of User’s visits and the links the User clicked via cookies data. If the Administration advertise on the Service, the Administration (or the third parties) may use data collected on the Service to show the User our advertisement of other sites or applications.

5.2. Each User may change his browser settings to terminate cookies storage. You may accept or reject cookies using through browser built-in functions.

5.3. Cookies data shall be used only to provide Service access and to grant information and other services through the Service.

6. Other technologies that are using on the Service

6.1. The Administration may use standard Internet technology, such as web beacons and other similar technologies, to track the Service using. The Administration further shall turn on web beacons in advertisements or email messages to determine if these messages have been opened. The information that the Administration receives therefore shall enable to customize the services that the Administration offers users to deliver targeted advertisement and to measure the overall effectiveness of online advertising, content, programming or other activities.

6.2. Any technologies using during the Service functioning shall be within current legislation and generally accepted norms of Internet community merely.

7. Information collected by the third parties for advertising purposes

7.1. The administration shall allow service providers, advertising companies and ad networks, and other third parties to display advertisements on the our Service. These companies may use tracking technologies, such as cookies or web beacons to collect information about Users who view or interact with their advertisement.

7.2. The Service shall not provide any anonymous personal information to the third parties.

8. Processing of received information and received data

8.1. The Service shall use the information that we collect about you:

  • to provide and to improve the Service products and services;
  • to manage the User account and to provide the User customer support;
  • to conduct research and analysis about the Service using by User;
  • to communicate with the User by email;
  • to develop, to display and to track advertisement according to the User’s interests on the Service;
  • to analyze the Service;
  • to use any rights that specified at the User Agreement.

9. Received information and received data transferring

9.1. The Administration shall not transfer User personal information to the third parties except cases that are specified in hereby Privacy Policy or when the Administration informs the User about opportunity to reject proliferation of User personal information.

9.2. The Administration may exchange information including the personal and financial information with the third parties who performs specified services on behalf of the Service. Such services may include orders execution, client services providing. The third parties may have access to the personal information that can be necessary to execute their functions but shall not have the right to spread or to use such information for any other purposes.

9.3. We may disclose information about the User, including the Personal information:

  • in response to a subpoena, a court order or a request about cooperation with law enforcement or other government authorities; to establish or to execute the Administration legal rights; to defend against legal claims. In such cases the Administration may agree or reject any legal objections or rights available to User.
  • when the Administration convinced that the information disclosure is appropriate reference with efforts to investigate, to prevent or to take other action regarding illegal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing; to protect and to defend the rights, property or safety of the Administration, the Service Users, the Service employees, or others people; to comply with applicable legislation or to cooperate with law enforcements; or to enforce Service conditions using or other agreements or policies.

10. Access to the personal information

10.1. The User shall have the opportunity to review and update the personal information within the Service. The User can delete his account anytime by sending to the Administration e-mail address Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript. the relevant request. If the User delete his account, the Service shall store certain information related with his account for analytical purposes, further to prevent fraud, to guarantee the Service terms enforce, to apply measures that the administration deem necessary to protect the integrity of the Service or Users, or to apply measures permitted by law. In addition, if certain information has already been provided to third parties as described in hereby Policy, storage of such information shall be subject of those third parties policies.

11. Extent of granted information and granted data

11.1. The User may not grant the Service the certain information, but the User being unable to use all functions of the Service.

11.2. The Service shall reserve the right to send notices via e-mails, via letters to the post office, via messages or push-notices on User mobile device. The User can turn off these notifications through settings tools on the Service or on mobile device.

11.3. The User may control information that collected with the aid of cookies files further. The User may delete or turn off cookie changing his browser settings.

12. Personal data protection

12.1. The Administration shall take security measures to protect the personal User information from unauthorized access and disclosure. However, none system can be completely secure. Therefore the Administration shall not guarantee that User Personal information or other information received during the Service using will always remain secure. Users should also see to how they handle and disclose their personal information and should avoid sending personal information through insecure email.

12.2. The Administration shall execute Personal data security and data protection according to general accepted practice data protection in Internet community.

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Publication date: 09.07.2021
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