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Future Saving Technologies
It all started on May 24, 1988

That was the year when a room for an office was rented in a small town called Bugulma (Republic of Tatarstan), in which a young aspiring inventor Vyacheslav Ayduganov decided to found a company.

The first product of the Inventive Production Center was the Pipe Coupling Technology, thanks to which more than 2,500 km (1,553 miles) of pipelines were installed for oil and gas companies.

It's all about innovation

Along with the success of the pipe coupling technology, other discoveries have been made, over 100 of the founders' inventions have seen the world, and monolithic isolating joint of the NEMS type revolutionized the oil and gas sector and the housing and communal services system.

Today, the already well developed scientific, industrial and engineering base allows us to control the production process from start to finish.

Family business

Our company started out as a family business. Although today we create bigger things than back then, and we are an international company, our family values determine how we think, how we treat our customers and how we treat each other. Our growth story continues in the second generation of the Ayduganov family, and in 2020 the company was included in the top 100 family enterprises in Russia.

The technologies saving future.

Inventive Production Center became the founder of the beginning of the path leading the oil industry to a new stage of development: the stage of safety and environmental friendliness. IPC develops and implements technologies and equipment in the field of construction of pipelines from steel pipes with internal and external protective coatings, and manufactures products used in oil production, oil and gas transportation, as well as systems for protecting pipelines from various types of corrosion. Customers unanimously say:

“During the entire period of operation, there were no leaks or leakages,” which means that there were no leaks or contamination, that the IPC is faithfully following its mission: “The technologies saving future”.

We provide
Manufacturing of products ready for installation
Product adaptation to your project and technical requirements
Application of external and / or internal anti-corrosion coatings
Equipping with an additional function for monitoring electrical drops
Consultation and technical support for these stages of the project
Verification of compliance with local standards
Manufacturing Facilities

Our mission is to preserve the future for our generations by providing innovative, technically advanced solutions to protect and extend the life of pipelines. We always work closely with our clients.

Company certificates

By refining and optimizing all processes in compliance with accepted international standards, we ensure high accuracy, efficiency and long product life. We manufacture monolithic isolating joint (NEMS) in accordance with the top standards of the industry.