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Our cases
Housing and utilities

A very important area of the company's work is the field of housing and communal services, which is very relevant today.

Monolithic isolating joint NEMS produced by IPC are actively used in the construction and repair of residential buildings. Natural gas is supplied to houses through metal pipes, but the metal is corroded by stray currents inside the pipeline. According to safety rules, monolithic isolating joint must be installed on the pipe at the entrance to the house. Thus, the gas riser inside the building is protected. Failure to follow safety precautions may result in fire due to gas leaks in the house. After such an event, the question for tenants "What is an monolithic isolating joint for?" is no longer relevant.

For many years, the Inventive Production Center has been cooperating with large Russian companies Mosgaz and Mosoblgaz, over 15 years of cooperation. More than 500,000 monolithic isolating joint have been supplied to Moscow and Moscow Region.

Oil and gas processing industry

The main focus of the company is the oil and gas industry.
Monolithic isolating joint NEMS manufactured by IPC are used as one of the components of cathodic protection against corrosion of pipelines that transport corrosive fluids.

The geography of supply of monolithic isolating joint (NEMS) for the oil and gas sector is very wide.
Over the entire period of operation of the Inventive Production Center, large deliveries were made to Western and Eastern Siberia, the Arctic, Yamalo Nenets Autonomous District and other regions of Russia and the CIS countries.
Today, IPC’s partners include such companies as Lukoil Western Siberia, Surgutneftegaz, Tengiz Shevroil, TNK BP, Total, Arcticgas, Achimgaz, Novatek and many others.